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Han Geng since September 18, 2009.

Current admins: pocketostars, emixin and gennified, as well as other admins from geng-bao.net. Unless otherwise specified, many translations before 2011 were done by Shannon. Please take out with proper credit.

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Anonymous asked: Since Hangeng's birthday is coming up I wanted to make an edit to celebrate! I'm still looking for a couple of pictures to use but I'm not exactly sure which ones I'm allowed to edit. Like, am I allowed to edit official pics from magazines and stuff like endorsements (ex. Yishion)? Normally I never have the need to ask because I already know if the picture is allowed to be edited, but I just want to make sure I don't do anything wrong ^^ Thanks in advance! (:

I think it’s fine to edit official pics from magazines and endorsements because the pictures are usually posted by the source themselves on official weibos, and from what I’ve seen, it does not seem as though they mind fan edits. Scans and fan-taken pictures are much tricker. I would avoid editing fan-taken pictures, especially if they have a watermark on them. A lot of fans/fanbases have rules for when certain pictures can or cannot be edited, and we usually post these rules when we reupload the pictures onto tumblr. Sometimes, the photographers are not as explicit about the rules, but I would generally avoid editing them to be on the safe side. It’s especially important to consider this when you’re getting pictures from a secondary source because a lot of sites don’t credit the original source or respect their rules.

Anonymous asked: haey will hangeng film the gay movie with that french actor? (not talking about ex file ofc)

Umm, if you’re talking about “Seek McCartney,” filming for the movie has already been completed. :)

Anonymous asked: did Geng realy was in Korea on the 31st ?

This isn’t something that we can confirm because he didn’t have any public schedules during that time. As far as I know, he went snowboarding with the director of his movie and some friends for a few days after Christmas, and then flew to Xiamen on New’s Year Day for an event in China on January 2nd.

PS: Some of the pictures floating around are really old. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, have any possibility of international fans buy a 庚phone? I mean, it would work in countries besides China?

I have a feeling that the user-interface will be geared towards China and Chinese fans, but let’s wait and see! 

Anonymous asked: do you know when hangeng is leaving chicago?

I’m not sure, but he probably won’t be staying for too long. I’ve heard reports that Transformers 4 will be moving to Washington state for filming soon. Also, Han Geng’s new movie, Seek McCartney, starts filming at the end of this month, so he’ll have to head back for that as well.

Anonymous asked: Hi, from your post about Hangeng's flight info to Chicago, is the time in China time??

The flight leaving from Beijing is in China time, the time of arrival in Chicago is local time. So, if you plan on picking him up at O’Hare airport, his flight is scheduled to arrive in the late afternoon at 4:25pm. I would recommend going a bit early just in case the plane is ahead of schedule though. You don’t want to miss him!! :)

Anonymous asked: who is han geng best friend for artist ?

His best friend is his former classmate and current manager, Sun Le. As for his best friend who’s also a celebrity/artist, it’s hard to say. He’s pretty well-liked in the entertainment circle and it seems like anyone he works with or encounters becomes a good friend of his. When he’s in Taiwan, he tends to hang out with FanFan, Blackie Chen (Heiren) and Barbie Hsu (Da S); when he’s in Hong Kong, he has good friends like Kenny Kwan and Yumiko Cheng to support him; he became good friends with Wu Chun and Lu Chen through My Kingdom; he became buddies with Mark Chao through promotions for So Young; he’s always chatting with Zhang Ziyi at events; he’s always hanging out with He Jiong, Xie Na, and Wei Jia and basically lives on the set of Happy Camp; the list goes on…..

Anonymous asked: do you know if hangeng still signs suju merch?

It would probably be more appropriate and a better gesture to have him sign merchandise related to his solo work or even a blank card.

Anonymous asked: omg,that's like so weird,gosh,he is so handsome and young looking ahaha

That’s not weird, that’s just the default. ╮(╯_╰)╭