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Han Geng since September 18, 2009.

Current admins: pocketostars, emixin and gennified, as well as other admins from geng-bao.net. Unless otherwise specified, many translations before 2011 were done by Shannon. Please take out with proper credit.

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sebootyme said: Not a question, really. I just wanted to say that I love you omfg. [I adore hangeng, but I could never EVER find any proper translations for his songs, or links to his social media accounts. AND THEN I JUST DISCOVERED YOU TODAY. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME?! asdfghjkl.] Oh, I guess I do have a question now. Do you by any chance have translations for Hangeng's "Hope in the Darkness" album??

Thanks for your kind words! Glad to be of help.

We have translations for some of the songs in Hope in the Darkness but not all of them, unfortunately.

小丑面具 (Clown Mask)
玩世不恭 (Disregard)
狂草 (Wild Cursive)
背叛灵魂 (Betrayal of the Soul)

All the songs have also been translated by TianLu at Chinese Panda Music here. :)