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Han Geng since September 18, 2009.

Current admins: pocketostars, emixin and gennified, as well as other admins from geng-bao.net. Unless otherwise specified, many translations before 2011 were done by Shannon. Please take out with proper credit.

Gengsters viewing

Anonymous said: Hangeng was in transformers 4 for litteraly 2 seconds... All the hype made me think he was a main character... But all he did was sing in a car... But his voice was beautiful....

I’m glad it was a beautiful 2 seconds for you then? Haha. Yeah, originally he was supposed to have a bit more screen time and play a hero who saves a child, but the filming schedule just didn’t work out so Michael Bay worked out this role for him instead. 

Anonymous said: seriously: is it worth going to see the new transformers movie just for geng? like, do you know how big a role he has in it? because i have bad feelings about mark wahlberg but for han geng i will sit through him being a protag if i must

Han Geng only has a cameo appearance in the movie (less than a minute), because his schedule was too busy for a more extensive role. However, he also sang one of the theme songs (谁 Control/Daybreak), which plays at certain points in the film. The film is currently doing extremely well internationally, and has already broken box office records in China. It might be fun to see Han Geng on the big screen for a Hollywood movie because these chances are rare, but he indeed has very little screen time and the movie is quite long. It’s up to you. :)